The kidney shaped edible nuts which are obtained from the fruit or the raw nut after removal of the outer leathery covering are called Kernels.
The different steps involved in Cashew processing using Steam boiling - Dried well-Steaming-

Shelled-Peeled-Graded-Roasted-Quality Inspection-Quality Control and Packing.

Cashew Kernels Grades​
The Cashew Nut Kernels are graded according to their size, shape and color, as Wholes, Splits, Broken's, Butts, Scorched butts etc.

We grade the cashews to over 64 varieties. There are over 15-20 varieties in whole cashews, over 20 varieties in broken grades and over 20 grades in Industrial regrade-able varieties. All grades are packed in a modified atmosphere of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Grades in Wholes

Grades in Pieces