Cashew Oil or Cashew Nut Shell Oil is a dark reddish brown viscous liquid, extracted from a soft honey comb structure inside the cashew shell. It is a natural and renewable bio-material. Thus, it offers much advantage over synthetics. CNSL is often considered as cost effective and better modern material for unsaturated phenols.

Physically extracted CNSL from cashew outer shell contains Anacardic acids 70%,  Cardol 18% and Cardanol 5%.

Moreover, due to its versatility, CNSL has over 200 patents on its industrial applications. Recently, research has also shown that the CNSL constituents contain special structural features, which can be useful for manufacturing of speciality chemicals and high value polymers.

The three main usages from CNSL

Extraction of Cardanol
Formation of Resins
Used as Furnace Oil -FO

Cardanol - Anacardic acid present in the CNSL is converted to Cardanol which is widely used in Industrial Process like vehicle’s  brake lining as binder and for surface coating,  such as anti corrosive paint, varnish and lamination, used as brick, concrete, steel and plywood sealer are some of the products out of CNSL/Cardanol.

Formation of Resins - The present invention comprises a novel process for the manufacture of CNSL based resin modified with phenol / substituted phenols. The novel resin composition is produced by a controlled reaction of CNSL (25 - 50 wt. %),aldehyde / aldehyde releasers (5 - 15 wt %)and phenol (5 - 15 wt %) in presence of alkaline catalyst (0 -10 wt.%) at temperatures between 40ºC and 180ºC. The water resistance, adhesion and corrosion resistance of the resultant resin makes it suitable for use in formulating anti-corrosive primer, enamels, waterproof coatings and other paints.

Substitute to Furnace oil - CNSL is a good and cost effective substitute to the Furnace Oil., a fossil fuel.

As we understand the application, perfectly treated CNSL is manufactured and supplied as per customer demand and application.