Cashew Shell Cake

The ideal fuel for high calorie requirements in furnaces. Cashew shell cakes are ideal for brick factories, tile factories, kilns, furnaces where high heat requires to be generated.

The cake gives out a very good colour to the bricks and tiles that are manufactured in cashew shell cake fire.

It is an ideal substitute for fire wood thus preventing the deforestation of woods. It is cheap and efficient making it the ideal fuel in rural areas.

A well designed furnace can reduce the fuel amount required as well as the smoke.

S.No Name Calorific Value
1 Gross Calorific Value 5000 Kcal / Kg
2 Proximate analysis (% weight) 8.5
  Moisture 8.5
  Volatile matter 65
  Ash 2
  Fixed Carbon 20
3 Bulk density 4.430kg/1000cc


Application of Cashew Shell Cake

Activity Application
As furnace  fuel In power generation ,  boilers , thermic fluid heaters , tile factories
As raw  material For briquette  manufacturing , gasifier etc